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March 9th, 2009

What's on your list of dealbreakers when it comes to romantic relationships?
Someone doesn't have to like my friends, but they have to respect that I like them and that they will kill the fool that tries to keep me from them.  As long as everybody understands that, we're o.k.

September 11th, 2008

But I digress...

Perhaps the recent loss in my family has affected my attitude somewhat. Didn't realize it but after I wrote this in the middle of an e-mail I thought, 'hey - your attitude has been affected somewhat.' I still believe that I maintain my grip though. Just thought I’d share.

"... And for work I met with some new media people to structure a research project for them and was somewhat appalled by how very plastic they were. Maybe nobody told them they work for a non-profit now? I kept staring at the perfectly coiffed wanna-bee spokes-model and all I could think of was that his ideas were just so “craptastic” as to be funny. Except it wasn’t. At one point I may have winced, ever so slightly, at a comment of his and he said something about me looking pensive. Only a kick under the table from my colleague kept me from yelling at him “Of course I look pensive you moron, life is obviously too short for this sort of crap. I’m only pretending to listen to you while contemplating a new career as a river keeper or ski trail groomer.”

My colleague knows about the loss of L., and she also knows about the three other people in my life with cancer and of the two others, only tangential to me, who passed earlier this year. And she feels the same way about the changes around here as I do so I think she gets that the most recent event has sort of stripped me of any illusions re: my tolerance to coast through life now in hopes of doing something more meaningful later.

Though she understands, I think she’d rather I didn’t inform our clients that I feel they are a waste of space and that it makes no sense to me because people of real value, like our L., were not.

So yeah, I haven’t gotten used to the idea of L’s passing yet. Fortunately, this week around here any little waves of distress I might be emanating are being overtaken by the general remembrance of loss re: September 11th. All of us who walked home that day from DC and passed the burning over by the Pentagon are sort of looking pensive, just a little bit so I don’t stand out.

But I digress."

September 8th, 2008


Eureka! I know who VP candidate Sarah Palin reminds me of. She's Karen Walker from Will & Grace!!!

August 5th, 2008

I ....... LIKE it!?

See you at the debates bitches....

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

July 9th, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

Yea!!! Hubby got a job!!!

May 31st, 2008

and too too hard to find. Fill in the next line. Everyone is well. Lots of running around with good news and bad. Yea - friend Janek got the job in DC and is moving here, - she'll have a window of 5 days to find a apartment in N. Va. near a metro line, any-metro line, for less than 1,500 all in. I set out to help her.

Booooo - Famb. went to N.C. w/out me because work was too stressful, had to finish out semester, and leg was hurting and didn't want to spend 18 hours in the car for a 4 day trip. I missed them but had some girl's drinks out and some of the first alone time I've had in 3.5 years.

Yea - got sent to training in Miami - brought the famb. Spent Mom's day on the Florida Keys sunbathing, watching Robert play in Sand while David realized that barracudas are really much larger when they're in your face.

Booo- More daily radiation therapy for FIL - in mountains of NC - being driven by stroke impaired MIL. Bad scene - will probably send hubby down to help with driving. Will miss him.

Yea! Bri-bear is expecting and I get to offload baby stuff to friend and grand-ma to be. Also take her to help navigate the schoals of Babies R Us. I got confused with Janek's moving anxiety with Bri Bear's moving anxiety and had insomnia.

Boooooo. Good friend and contemporary has stage f-ed lymphoma. I can't do shit about that but be there, visit, not look away as her hair falls out, listen some more, remind her she's a babe, and not press her too hard about how to help her young children deal.

Neutral: Getting sent to San Fran to be on a panel at a marketing conference. May get a chance to dine with ooooooooooold friends. Boo - famb NOT coming. Too expensive. :( I'll miss them a lot. But only 3 days.

So, Janek arrived here with her mom tonight, we finished up passing on baby durables to H&S, I depart tomorrow afternoon for the left coast, FIL continues Radiation and Friend continues Chemo.

I've been distracted - but I am doing the best I can and I'm thinking I'm an o.k. friend, employee and mom. that is allllllllllllllllllllll

April 9th, 2008

Oh yeah?

Oh Yeah? Who says we can't go downriver with him? (At least till he's big enough to get his own boat?)

April 8th, 2008

Maybe the next Mark Twain

So, Robert has a few books written by authors whose first name is “Robert” They also, in daycare, put together little counting books where the kids would put stamps of the right number of doggies, 1-10 and the teachers wrote in the number. So Robert was talking about how HE could be an author. Of course he could, I said.

Then we took our sniffly, allergy laden, cold-getting-over selves off to see what this new river taxi was all about and after Robert studied intensely how the young man at the front snagged the docking rope, looped it in a figure eight round the cleat, then took up the slack as the boat nudged closer to the dock. He noticed the loop coming level to the green ring on the rope – where the young man yelled “Mark Captain.” I suggested that maybe someday Robert might get summer work as a river rat. Seems like a recipe for some good books to me.

March 5th, 2008

Yes, it's the "Feels Like the First Time" tour with Foreigner launches on March 14, providing AARP members with priority seating at the concert venues. Select AARP members will also have the opportunity to meet the band and get photographs and autographs while mingling at Foreigner’s exclusive VIP reception.

Next up - the AARP Rocky Horror Picture Show Tour - coming to an active living community near you.
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